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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Farm workin!

In a nutshell I have been Volunteering at a local rescue-farm for over 5 years. Just lately have I dedicated weekly time with whatever needs done that day. I had been helping with events mostly. Now ill be doing both. Perhaps someday ill have my life in order to make it a full time career, but for now- its part time. 
That being said, I get to do some pretty odd and amazing things, that are blog worthy. And I would like to catalog the memories.

The past few weeks I have been taught the feeding-watering of some the animals. Cleaned out pens/cages/aquariums. And random clean up-storage-etc.

Today we cleaned up the Goat-Llama-Pony area. It needed a new gate, some posts removed from the ground, and some muddy winter straw thrown away. It is an early-lovely-mild spring here in Ohio so they have been taking advantage of the sunshine!

I have spent the last 10 years as a part time church secretary, sittin on my butt. So the hard work feels good. Its like combining stuff that needs to be done and exercise! Hooray!
The farm is being redesigned and upgraded this year. We also need to find some time for extra funding. It all takes money. But we want to be able to open to the public more often; As we are also a rescue of exotics. This family has had all the permits-knowledge-expertise in this area for over twenty years. They have also been super smart and careful about it and have never been or will ever be in the news for an escape, or injury.

Our Bears are the happiest-chubbiest around!

Arctic Fox!

I love it there. The owners-workers-animals are all like family to me. I get to do things I never dreamed would be possible. Its so much work, More then I will ever truly understand. But whatever I can do to help- its worth it! <3
This is Pandora, our female Baboon. She is beautiful!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Photo Shoot Weekend

Set up tomorrow and shoot all day sunday...outside...in the snow. aye!
I was actually watching videos on Smizing and showing emotion with your eyes to try and practice. LOL

Yesterday I took off the day for doctors appointments. First was an appointment to have my blood drawn so my doctor can see how I'm doing. No current health concerns, but all in the name of preventative medicine. Although part of me is a little freaked they will come back with the results and be like YOU ARE JACKED.

So at 7am me and about 6 old people sat in a tiny office waiting to be picked to be pricked. The Nurse adored my juicy and plump veins. And i barely have a mark. I was home by 8 and napping by 9:30! Back out around 11! Ran some errands And had my dentist appointment. They had to bring out a special machine to clean my gum line...cause it had been THREE YEARS since i was in. What is wrong with me...i have insurance. I love my dentist and his office-they are all so nice. Anyways no cavities. hooray.

Back home to play with SOFT CHALK PASTELS! Pinterest has been booming with hair chalking... use Soft Pastels (NOT OIL!), wet your hair and rub it in... heat set when done. Ta-Da! Temporary Hair color! Some colors also pop on brunettes too! And it washes out. But its also Live color on your hair so it could possibly stain things. I haven't washed my hair yet but am very pleased with the results so far:

Bili finished a painting he has been working on forever for our living room. He drew all these individual animals in his sketch book... scanned them into the computer to color them in. Printed the colored version to scale for the canvas, cut them out, modge-podged it down and then painted over them to fade the paper lines. I love it!

In our bedroom Vega has an old Papasan cushion as her bed...and beside it is Klohe's cheetah print bed. Both girls also have comforters to snuggle in. Well Klohe was kicking her blanket around the other night and kicked it onto Vega's bed, before she could figure out how to drag it back - Vega stole it and laid on it...so after some confusion Klohe laid beside Vega. The last few nights they have been sleeping pretty much cuddled and I think its super cute. Especially since Vega is such a rotten only child and its good to see her sharing :)

My Caster Bean plants are growing so fast! So are the moon flower's growing in the bucket behind them!

Thinking about making another pinterest recipe tonight...blueberry cupcakes. And watching the snow fall!
About once a week...usually a monday or tuesday... i have been needing to go to bed around 8pm. That means i have been pushing myself too far the rest of the week and have some sleep debt to pay off! Either way it feels great to be caught up. I remember reading one time that the sleep you get before midnight is better quality then the sleep you get after midnight. Something to do with the moon. Earths Pull. I dunno. Even if its a crock, i do feel better going to bed early and waking early then going to bed late and sleeping late.

This past weekend we had a lot of time at home... it was nice. By the time our evening plans would kick in i was rearing to get outta here. And the weather has been beautiful!

Bili finished some sculptures for me to hang on the wall:

I had to repot my moonflower seeds b/c they were pushing the top of the container off.... my little over achievers!

And I made some BOMB mini cupcakes... Moist Pumpkin Cupcake, topped with home made buttercream that had a few shots of Captain Morgans Spiced Rum in it. YUM! I used an idea from pinterest for the icing color- it turned out okay, i dont think ill do it again.

Sunday night we all watched the foosball game and ate more food then necessary....drank MUCH more then necessary.... went to bed MUCH later then necessary. Which made Monday suck all the more.

 cute picture of Klohe!

October 2011

I am so tired. Partly due to a constant busy schedule. And this grey sky + rain doesn't help the Psyche either.

So to finish off last weeks bad Karma trend ... Thursday night Bili hopped into bed fast- and his leg swung out and BROKE THE WINDOW by the bed. It sounded like a chandelier crashing to the floor and was so weird. After first we were in disbelief. Then made sure his foot was okay. Then the clean up.... and the frantic fear that i missed a piece of glass IN OUR BED.it was a long night. I even woke up mad.

Good news- Bili was able to take the window out and replace the glass for $26. Thats pretty darn cool.

I spent the rest of the weekend with the farm at the Atwood Fall Festival. So we were outside in the cold drizzle all day. The first day was so rainy we didnt even get the animals out of the trailer, just walked around and shopped. I like odd things (SHOCKER!) and brought home two taxidermy deer legs...

Not sure of the back story but basically a 1 week old male Alpaca was brought to the farm Saturday. He will be buddies with the month old Llama female. Of all the animals they have... i think Llama/Alpaca Babies are my FAVORITE!

Zoe and Seth love each other !

Llama in the kitchen!

Sunday I spent half my day with a 6mth old Syrian Grizzly... playing, educating people, sharing my spaghetti...

He sat in his fruit loops and a blue one stuck to his butt. HAHAHA!

Then i finished the day snuggled with the babies! We kept each other warm!

ARRRGHH! Pirates on Bikes that do Yoga! October 2011

What a weekend! We went to Columbus Friday night and spent the evening with our friends catching up and enjoying each others company. Woke up at the crack of Dawn for the Market to Market Bike ride! Its 30 miles round trip with lots of fun a long the way. This time the theme was Zombie's vs Pirates. We did our best to get a lil piratey (Some of us more then others) and even had a corporate pirate with us :)

We also were toting our Yoga Mats b/c there was a free Yoga Class on Ohio State Stadium Field that just so happened to be on our way with the bike ride!

Lisa Stacy and I ready to GO!

Breakfast at the North Market!

Then it was off to the Shoe!

I am not into sports... like at all... but this was an incredible experience i will never forget:


Then it was back on our bikes to continue our Journey to the Hills Market!

We made some friends there... they had whiskey!

All in all our 3ish hour bike ride was an 8 hour adventure. It RULED! We went back for showers and a nap before moving our stuff to the home of the Ellegants for the night! Had amazing dinner and drinks at TipTop and continued working on the weekend project... meet my new dready friend Lisa :) This was my first time putting dreads in someones hair, but she has SUPER curly hair and I knew it would work out fantastically! We back combed and then used the Crochet method.

I didnt finish but left her in capable hands!

Sunday we had a great breakfast and walked all over enjoying the fun things Columbus has to offer! Then home! Its an easy 2 hour exact drive for us!

Last Thursday i participated in a wardrobe recycle with the girls! We all brought our clean used clothing and took what we wanted from the pile. Add some wine and snacks and the girls all had a blast!

So my travels for the year are DONE! I am ready to enjoy my home and settle in for winter.... and we are only a few days away from the Third Annual ZOMBIE WALK!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thankful for much

Its been a busy 6+ days, We had not one, not two, but three thanksgivings and a leftovers meal to boot.  I didnt cook all weekend! This year our families both seemed very relaxed and chill. It was nice!
Over a week ago was the Launch Party for 'Stark Arthology' a book that contains 69 chosen area artists and my baby was picked! It was a beautiful event at the Canton Art Museum with free booze and dessert!
I Even bought this super fun necklace on Etsy from MEEPSIES!

Erin Mulligan, An artist in the book and a good friend of ours, Signed my boob since i wasnt in the book. (All the artists were asked to autograph their page in the book so they were busy with sharpies all night... i was put on the same level as the book with this maneuver lol)
Here is a look at Erin's ART, we love her so much!

Megan Mars was actually the one to start my boob signing that evening. Not only is Megan one of the best Artists around (She drew my Mermaid Tattoo that I have) But she is the sweetest gal who listens well and gives great advice.
Here is a link to MEGANS ART

Gathering of Happy Launch Party Guests getting their books signed!

The girls at the after party! Lovely Ladies, Talented, and wonderful!

Super awesome group of amazing people I am so blessed to know! On the far back left is Steve Ehret, his work is one of the few we have actually purchased, and some of you might remember that he painted the whole inside of my garage with all his cool charactors.
His art work is seen HERE

This table is full of artists like
Tiffany Marsh
Joseph Close
Patrick Buckohr (We are commissioning him to make Giant Giraffes for our front yard!)
David McDowell

The next day was our old roomie Scot's solo art show. He pretty much spent the evening drinking FOUR fourloco's (Yes the caffinated alcohol drink that is being taken off the shelves b/c of blacking out and hospitilizations) And for some reason that night i was EXHAUSTED, so i just tossed on a hat and chilled at the gallery til we went to the bar! It was over all a good night though!

Sunday the 21st I tossed three cans of refried beans in a dish and called it dinner. Your Welcome.

Just kidding, I made an awesome layered dish: refried beans, cream cheese, mexican seasoned beef, and cheese. Warmed that through, And made another dish of: Sour Cream, Guac, chopped Black Olives/Onions/Green Peppers? Green Chilis, and lots of lettuce and tomato! Open a bag of Margarita Lime chips and WHALAH! DINNER FOR DAYS! Its our favorite way to eat.

Tuesday was Dinner at my parents house with some out of town family. Wednesday we went shopping with some coupons at World Market! Woot!
oh and Happy news, I paid off my car! Well i thought i did, then i saw that i didnt quite overpay enough to cover the interest so i still owed... .03 cents! haha! I sent a check for TWO DOLLARS just to be sure! Send me THAT TITLE! It will feel SO GOOD to put all that money into savings. I have so many things on my to-buy list for next year! We currently are only in debt to our mortgage. Pretty awesome!
Thanksgiving morning we have a nice little routine of drinking our coffee and watching the parade... we slept in so we were able to fast forward through MOST OF THE STUPID PARADE. I like the High School Bands and Floats, but sure get tired of all the dance troups and singers ... what was with the Princess float with the Singer talking about boys wanting to look at her butt? Seems a little inappropriate for the age of girls they were aiming at.
After the disappointing parade we got ready and headed to my Grandparents house! I Swear my mom made and brought the BEST Stuffing i EVER ate. I don't know what she did to it, but it was SO GOOD!
Grandpa, Grandma and Aunt Berenice in the kitchen!

One, is the loneliest number...

Ahhhh we love our Nephew!

My sister Captivating our younger cousins attention. I think they were asking about her Dermal Anchor... lol

Afterward we headed to Bili's sisters house for another thanksgiving. Home of the infamous Cajun injected turkey. So moist, so flavorful!
Bili and our human Nephew Allen playing around... SERIOUS FACE


Friday I had my normal routine of house to myself + Christmas Decor + movies and boob tube watching. As always, it was glorious.
Vega was all up in my BIZNAS

Instead of putting up my trees i just decorated my front window's like store displays. I Love it!

Its hard to see in the picture but all my front windows are lit, I have huge Christmas balls hanging on the front porch. And i wrapped my pillars with green sparkly ribbon! My house looks like a gift!

Saturday night was my ten year reunion. I skipped it for family stuff. Between thanksgiving #3 and movie night at his parents, Bili and I spent three hours outside in the cold (His parents and sister came for moral support) playing with projectors and working on his project.
Found out that the housing we built to weatherproof the projectors made them over heat. And we are better off asking our investor to invest another 6 grand into professionally made weatherproof enclosures. Boner Killer! The first arrives today, hopefully tonight the Billy's can test it, order two more and have them in place by Thursday. Then they have the weekend to do the REAL work, the animation that will be projected on the library on Dec. 9th.
I am hoping after this they get hired by bars, clubs, organizations, business owners, to video map for special occasions and parties so they can pay off the equipment and make some money! For now I hope the rest of this first project goes smoothly.
Bili and I are like E.T. and Elliot when E.T. is sick. We are so darn connected that his stressed becomes mine, and vice versa.
Here is Bili and Billy sitting outside somewhere around hour 3 with the projectors and the mac book!

This is the front of the Library with a blue screen projected on it... Even something as simple as blue screen was exciting!

A short video of the testing of the equipment:

Last night we went down to the Gallery to decorate the front windows. Laurie Baker made this AWESOME Paper Mache' Snowman that looks amazing:

And i put up my tree after all... just not at my house :)

Some things i don't need, but kinda want:

This GIANT GUMMY WORM looks SO tasty! Even thought it looks... um... wrong, I think it would be yummier then the GIANT BEAR.
I need this in all the doors of my house, well that might get weird... Make sure they are all aimed towards the hallway, and not into the bedrooms :) ---TOTALLY AWESOME LINK TO CRYSTAL BALL door knobs!